Sunday, October 25, 2009

India' Fastest Woman in Swimming on BODYFUELZ performance Nutrition

Richa Mishra, Tall, Shy and composed. A swimmer who will make waves after many coaches wrote her off because of an injury. They now say she is on drugs. She is clean. Why? Because we have her on a BODYFUELZ nutrition Advisory programme. Richa is spending almost 15,000RS per month on her diet and supplements. The return on her investments over the last six months, makes me wonder....There is money!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO WIN to get it. Does 30 lacs sound good for a top swimmer per season. Well, The difference between wining and loosing ..silver and gold is about 30 lacs. WOW!!!
Wish Richa luck here. I will make sure that for every good luck message she gets, a student in swimming who is poor will get covered by BODYFUELZ.