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Friday, September 28, 2012

RYAN FERNANDO's Custom BODYFUELZ Nutrition plan

Every day as a Sports Nutritionist, I am wondering how do we push the boundaries of performance. Human Performance in an athlete as well as a normal person. As a Nutritionist i do not differentiate between Sushil Kumar and a software engineer who wants a Six pack. What we do differentiate is the blood testing, the biomedical parameters and the Supplements that we need to use to get the desired result. If you want a customised Nutrition and SUPPLEMENT PLAN speak to my team of dietitians at 080 32329292 or call Prateesh at 1800 200 4500 and ask him which supplement will work for you. To book an ELITE PLAN WITH RYAN FERNANDO email me at I promised olympic medals to the Indian team and 2 guinness World record holders....I think we can help you too...