Monday, March 22, 2010

BODYFUELZ helps Chef Jacob break the GUINNESS RECORD

Talk about Food and we are known to make the Best Supplement in the World to enhance Performance. Now A chef goes on to break the record for Non-stop Cooking. WOW! And he is fueled on BODYFUELZ to keep him going for 24 hours in the field of Non-stop Barbecuing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

THe Best Sports Institute in India - ASI Army Sports Institute

If you shuffle ASI you do also get SAI. However Sports Authority of India pales in Comparison to the work done BY the ARMY SPORTS INSTITUTE or ASI, in terms of Sports Medicine and Sports Performance. At BODYFUELZ we are their loyal suppliers for all our products. In fact the idea for SPORTS RE HYDRATION and the concept of Indian Sweat Rates came from this Institute. FASTCHARGE was designed in consultation with the Doctors at this Institute. If you want to know how we Help the talented athletes in their QUEST FOR GOLD, please send us a mail at or call 1800-200-4500.