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Friday, September 28, 2012

RYAN FERNANDO's Custom BODYFUELZ Nutrition plan

Every day as a Sports Nutritionist, I am wondering how do we push the boundaries of performance. Human Performance in an athlete as well as a normal person. As a Nutritionist i do not differentiate between Sushil Kumar and a software engineer who wants a Six pack. What we do differentiate is the blood testing, the biomedical parameters and the Supplements that we need to use to get the desired result. If you want a customised Nutrition and SUPPLEMENT PLAN speak to my team of dietitians at 080 32329292 or call Prateesh at 1800 200 4500 and ask him which supplement will work for you. To book an ELITE PLAN WITH RYAN FERNANDO email me at I promised olympic medals to the Indian team and 2 guinness World record holders....I think we can help you too...

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


If your a runner, then BODYFUELZ products should be part of your Regime for performance and Safety.

Monday, September 13, 2010


HISTORY in the making. Sushil Kumar wins the World championship in Wrestling. The best part about Sports Nutrition is that it helps athletes the legal way. Food supplements if taken under proper supervision and INTENT will not have banned substances. Our Brand Ambassador and my long time client Sushil has yet again hammered his own limits. He is the first Indian to win a world championship..and that too beating a Russian.

His preparations are backed by a huge investment in analysis of his body's performance. At BODYFUELZ we know Sushil competes in a 66 kg category and he changes his weight from 72 to 66 kgs to play. We get into minute details and check every parameter to see how his body responds and then apply exercise physiology and Nutrition strategies to the plan for PEAK PERFORMANCE.

In this case the rewards are his and only his. We only fuel him scientifically.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cricketers and Sports Nutrition

At BODYFUELZ, our products are being used by 7 Ranji teams along with many senior National Players calling in for our Products as samples. ANDREW LEIPUS himself five years ago really tested our products during his strenuous trainings and gave us the thumbs up. I promise you that you will be getting the worlds best sports nutrition when you choose BODYFUELZ. Please just don't use the stuff associations and clubs give you. We all know that most products are bought on commissions and not results.

Email me for a sample or ask us to customize your Sports Nutrition Plan.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Next Sprint QUEEN of a billion People!!!

Everyday at BODYFUELZ we are helping athletes achieve the impossible. Become the silent dark horse. Win out of the blue. At BODYFUELZ we are carefully tuning an athletes body through Performance Nutrition, and in close co-ordination with Coaches we building the next generation of Champions.

Nirumpama, all of a towering 173 Cm is going to be the BOLT!!! Her long legs are gracing her with a GOD GIVEN opportunity to run faster than any other Female in the 100 and 200 mts track and field event.

RESULT: Last night She won Gold at the JUNIOR NATIONAL athletic meet with a 12.01 secs in the 100 mts and 25 secs at the 200mts.GOLD in Both. New Meet Record in 100 mts. We are together disappointed that she did not break the 12 sec barrier. Coach BEEDU is fine tuning her performance and in conjunction with BODYFUELZ we are dropping milliseconds week on week.

NIRUMPAMA has been on BODYFUELZ Performance Nutrition program for the last one year and is carefully monitored by me and my team.

YOU SAW her here first.

If your a parent, a hungry athlete, a weekend warrior or just a Home maker looking to get fit or win a championship, get in touch with us. We will guide you on your journey to GLORY!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sushil Kumar - GOLD AT the ASIAN Championship. A tribute to the guy


The Hindu : Sport / Other Sports : Sushil Kumar wins gold

The Hindu : Sport / Other Sports : Sushil Kumar wins gold

SUSHIL KUMAR bags another Championship. He invests about 25,000Rs every month on his performance Nutrition. My team of Nutrition experts along with me, hone his diets, his nutritional supplements and the ergogenic aids he uses all very scientifically and with a calculated strategy of DECIMATING the opposition. SUSHIL is so charge up in a fight he says that BODYFUELZ is his BLACK MAGIC> off course in haryani, the MUSCLEMAX SACHETS are black in color and he loves the KICK he gets when getting into a bout. He today is worth 2-3 crores in his market value. ENDORSEMENTS keep coming because he keeps winning. BUT THIS guy is one smart cookie. He knows without investing in the best Nutritional AIDs, he cannot be the worlds best. KEEP WATCHING BODYFUELZ to know when he becomes the WORLD No 1 Wrestler.

Monday, March 22, 2010

BODYFUELZ helps Chef Jacob break the GUINNESS RECORD

Talk about Food and we are known to make the Best Supplement in the World to enhance Performance. Now A chef goes on to break the record for Non-stop Cooking. WOW! And he is fueled on BODYFUELZ to keep him going for 24 hours in the field of Non-stop Barbecuing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

THe Best Sports Institute in India - ASI Army Sports Institute

If you shuffle ASI you do also get SAI. However Sports Authority of India pales in Comparison to the work done BY the ARMY SPORTS INSTITUTE or ASI, in terms of Sports Medicine and Sports Performance. At BODYFUELZ we are their loyal suppliers for all our products. In fact the idea for SPORTS RE HYDRATION and the concept of Indian Sweat Rates came from this Institute. FASTCHARGE was designed in consultation with the Doctors at this Institute. If you want to know how we Help the talented athletes in their QUEST FOR GOLD, please send us a mail at or call 1800-200-4500.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Prasanta- PARAOLYMPIC Swimmer and Medal winner for India

My greatest Joy as the Head of Business at BODYFUELZ is when I get down to meeting athletes rather than running the company. Prasanta is an athlete who swims as a handicap athlete and i have never once seen him in a dejected mode. He has always been a spirited individual with never die attitude and the guts to chase a dream. He is my Corporate social responsisbilites and I get to work everyday because of athletes like him. It make me want to work harder and make them win.

I am using BODYFUELZ in his programme and sponsoring his Performance Nutrition Products. Should you wish to support this athletle please do so by getting in touch with us.

Friday, January 29, 2010

An Interview on Supplements at

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breaking the World Record for Non-stop Aerobics.

BODYFUELZ is fueling Dinaz for 26 hrs to see her break the world Record. Its time for everyone to sit-up and realise BODYFUELZ is the next generation sports Nutrition for the athelte.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Filmstar Working out in the gym !!!

BISHNU an upcoming actor from Hyderabad is on our performance Nutrition Programme.

Monday, December 21, 2009

GOLD_GOLD GOLD....clean sweep

SUSHIL KUMAR, wins Gold at the COMMONWEALTH WRESTLING championship. Again he is on our performance Nutrition Programme.

If you have not signed up for the commonwealth Performance Nutrition plan with me please do.

My only guarantee is that you GET QUICKER, STRONGER and FASTER.

I attended a lecture by the world mot successful Hockey Coach Marc Lammers. His view of making a champion is having dozens of Experts in every field and the coach bringing all of them together.

Would love to help you realise your dream. Call us or email us at our BODYFUELZ website.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pre-lude to the WORLD RECORD of Non-stop Aerobics

Dinaz is going for an Guiness record of NON_STOP aerobics for 26 hours on 9 Jan 2010. BODYFUELZ is fueling her performance. Click on the above header to view the You TUBE video. I have documented the amount of effort that went into her 20 hr ASIA record elow. Wish us luck for the world Record.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Henceforth my blogs are going the video way as I see a greater demand for people to watch rather than read. This is my first Trailer that will be added to every video that I post. If you love the V blogs to come, I am sure your an athlete and therefore my sincere request to one and all is to share this blog with the other atheltes that you know and thus improve the level at which we compete.

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Most people you know dont wanna build huge muscle mass. Most people dont wanna have arms like arnold does.
Most people would have the lean ripped look. Get lean , well defined body. BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX gets you there through next generation sports nutrition called Amino Nutrition : The science of sending Ergogenic Amino Acids directly to the muscles in 15 min.

in reference to: BODYFUELZ (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Breaking the LIMCA record was not easy!

Dinaz Vervatwala is a woman of steel. She went on to break her own record on Sunday of Non-stop Aerobics for 16 hours.

Dinaz and myself have been professional acquaintances for the last five years. I helped her with Sania Nehwal when we were trying to enhance her game.

About a month ago Dinaz called me up and said " RYAN I WANT TO BREAK THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS". The first thought through my head was performance nutrition and how I would be able to balance the rigorous of subjecting the human body to 24 hours of continuous exercise.

I then went to the drawing table and pulled out every BIOCHEMISTRY, and Exercise Physiology book to start the arduous task of planning her diet and supplements for this event.

Good news is that she broke the record.

Bad news is that I now have to go through two more events, 20 hours of non-stop in December and 26 hours for the world record in January. Its BAD coz you don't sleep for two days and you have to be on call through the event to make sure that your athlete does not collapse. This is the ULTRA endurance race and I have to make sure she reaches her goal

Sunday, October 25, 2009

India' Fastest Woman in Swimming on BODYFUELZ performance Nutrition

Richa Mishra, Tall, Shy and composed. A swimmer who will make waves after many coaches wrote her off because of an injury. They now say she is on drugs. She is clean. Why? Because we have her on a BODYFUELZ nutrition Advisory programme. Richa is spending almost 15,000RS per month on her diet and supplements. The return on her investments over the last six months, makes me wonder....There is money!!! YOU JUST HAVE TO WIN to get it. Does 30 lacs sound good for a top swimmer per season. Well, The difference between wining and loosing ..silver and gold is about 30 lacs. WOW!!!
Wish Richa luck here. I will make sure that for every good luck message she gets, a student in swimming who is poor will get covered by BODYFUELZ.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Why we Helping Upcoming Sporstars who are unknown?

Everyday we work on meeting people, through the Internet, through meetings in the sports field, through word of mouth and sometimes just by pure luck. We met Karan on the Golf course, actually we met his Father Brigadier Malik over a round of GOLF. He was using BODYFUELZ during his game and he said if this can make a differnece to me what about my SON....KARAN is a SQUASH PLAYER.

Karan Malik is one of India's best Junior Champion's. We have been working together on his Foundation Nutrition and his performance Nutrition. His world ranking at his highest level was 325, which he is looking to better. The International Squash Academy in Chennai is backed by some of the best professional teams in the World. Major Mania and Cyrus Poncha are two world class GURU's who teach some of the best players in India. KARAN is their Prodigy.

So why do we back a dark horse? Well, its not about being a no-one becoming a someone, but merely by the Fire in a persons eye. You can see it. Some people have this inner fire that just burst through them. At BODYFUELZ we know KARAN has it.

Karan right now is moving to the United Kingdom to study and further his game of Squash. We wish him well and we know that he will be back to play time and again for the Country. His bags are a TAD little over weight because in addition to his mum's favourite pickle, he is carrying nearly four months of supply of BODYFUELZ products with him.

Remember we all start small and grow to become Champions. PERFORMANCE NUTRITION is all about knowing the right formula to help you win. Above all its completely safe and free from Side effects and all the products are DOPE FREE.

Try to beat that!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why BODYFUELZ is the best SPORTS NUTRITION brand in India

Headlines that powered through last month.

Former international Amit Khanna won a bronze medal in the 100metres in the World Masters athletics championships that concluded in Lahti, Finland, recently. Khanna competed in the men’s 35-year category to take the third place in 11.01 seconds, behind Nnamdi Anusin of Finland (10.94s) and Mario Bonello of Malta (10.99s).

Amit Khanna all of 32 years and a veteran who now runs faster than a 19 year old at the Nationals. Amit came to us at BODYFUELZ a little over a year ago saying he wanted to make a comeback. The man is rocking and accelerating faster.... Dont stop now AMIT.

WE DID WHAT WE DO BEST! Advice on Sports PERFORMANCE Nutrition. I still getting idiotic coaches after five years asking me STUPID questions. WE MAKE YOU WIN PEOPLE. WE MAKE YOU WIN.

At BODYFUELZ we assess your body and then determine what suits you best in SUPPLEMENTS. We have the best products around and we also get you to buy stuff that's out there that we dont have.

Our only concern is that you win. SUSHIL KUMAR, VIJENDER SINGH, JITENDER, and now AMIT.

You want your game to go higher, just sign up for three months and see the difference.

If you want to be the FASTEST and STRONGEST INDIAN, give us a CALL.

And oh! Our products are designed Scientifically, STOP comparing us to any GULLY WALLA COMPANY that makes Chicken or packs glucose in a Garage.


Thats how hard we play...cause we dont care about the watchers....just the DOERS!!!

Another MEDAL in the bag for us.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Quantum Biofeedback and Nutritional Planning

Quantum Biofeedback is the science of Quantum energy in every atom in the universe. Every cell in your body is made up of elements and they are maintained to deliver a life force to your body. Very simple, if every atom in your body is in constant change through breakdown and replenishment, then the Nutrition you take will govern the way the Quantum energy in your body reacts.

Well I just started my own test on myself and the prognosis was mind blowing. I have now recommended the test to over 50 people in the last few days. Adarsh ( the swimmer who is my prodigy) and Ms Shammu, a future Kollywood star both were tested through the BIOFEEDBACK machine. The immediate result now helps me plan a more scientific and accurate nutritional and enhancement Supplementation regime.

If you want to know if your a Ferrari running on Kerosene then this is the way to change your life. Get tested and then plan your exercise, diet and supplementation.

I plan to alter my metabolism to get rid of those headaches, and the constant stomach tenderness that I seem to have. Adarsh is going to be a National Record holder and Shammu is gonna get so glamorous, she's going to be even more Hot than Bipasha Basu. Bips look out, the Stars are now with me.

Call me on 9383000292 and I will help you get the test done. apparently even cancer patients benefits. The only downside its about 3-5 thousand for a test. But worth every Paisa.

Time to Get Quantaminised...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Are Celebrities Sportstars'?

Working with Athletes gets you recognised. Working with Filmstars gets you famous. But are Superstars truly sports stars...

I always thought Actors were born with gifted genetics and Drop dead looks. What I have realized that neither is actually 100% true.

I recently decided to take up an assignment with a local Tamil Superstar - Nitin Sathya. Nitin at first appeared to be a very normal person but as a Filmstar a very down to earth person. ( Since then I have met half a dozen filmstars and get this they are all down to earth Humble and lovely people).

NITIN has to loose 10 kgs of FAT. In 30 days. Tough task for His workouts and trainers and even tougher that I have to get his diet and supplements in order.

Watch this space to see if we succeed. 15 days into the programme and we have achieved a 4 kg loss. If winning an olympic bronze medal through Sushil Kumar was Awesome, I do not know the feelings if his movie is a HIT!!! L-carnitine and Aminonutrition with a low calorie diet work. I now know that the diet needs tinkering every 7 days. THESE superstars workout like crazy. I still remember Neha Dupia, She rode a Spin Bike like wonder these people look so sexy!!!! Its the workouts!! Nitin actually swears that people think he goes for a facial everyday as his skin glows!!! Omega and Vitamin E and Carnitine in a secret RYAN"S NUTRITION combo.

Its fun. Advising people on what not to eat to loose on fat and get that Chiseled look. Thanks MUM and DAD...for the SKINNY GENE....I feel like a ROCKSTAR.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Why Players Dont get Ahead

There are three things that players need to focus on in becoming World class.

1. Killer Attitude
2. Killer Skills
3. Killer Muscles.

Notice that its not Body but muscles. The skills and Attitude come from the Mind or the brain. MUSCLES move the rest of the body.

For you to win at all costs, whether your a 100 meter sprinter, swimmer or a long distance runner or a bodybuilder you need to grow your muscles through Nutrition.

Genetically only certain people will be gifted to become what I call " Killer Athletes.

But there are small secrets that can help you reach there for example

1. Smaller meals--It keeps you in anabolic phase or positive growth
3. the muscle require 48 hours to recuperate.....

PEOPLE 48 hrs is two days. I see the muscles back in training 24 hours later....Quality of training and not Quantity.

I just finished KARAN MALIK's performance nutrition programme. Expect a Indian World Champion in 4-6 years. I am periodising his peak performance through FOOD DOPING!!!

Next prediction...SUSHIL will win GOLD at the ASIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS.....Just altered his diet for getting ready to fight.

If you need to get in touch, check out our Facebook profile at BODYFUELZ..on Facebook

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

FOOTBALL and Indian Performance

I recently conducted a workshop at TFA( tata football academy) at Jamshedpur. I was invited to present a lecture on Performance Nutrition to all the coaches in Indian Football. It was a great learning experience for me to understand the energy requirements of a Football player and the performance Nutrition that will be required to enhance the indian players 90 minutes.

Robin, standing here next to me is slated to be the next Baichung Bhutia and I have worked on his diet and performance. He is now on BODYFUELZ and I believe that he will excel in the coming years.

PWRSPORTS and FASTCHARGE are working wonders for players as it keeps them fully charged. If any of the clubs out there want some samples to try it out for a winning edge do call us.

Till then I'll just keep Dribbling the Performance Nutrition Mantra.....

Saturday, October 11, 2008

BODYFUELZ's Brand Ambassador - Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar officially signed up as BODYFUELZ Brand Ambassador for the next five years. Being a true user, he has now agreed to endorse our brand so that millions of athletes out there get the message.


He's happy because I will be working with him on his performance Nutrition for the next five years. Sushil has promised to work hard on the regime that will be given to him and a gold is next on his agenda at the commonwealth.

Incidentally, he also acknowledged that all the Products used by him were written down on the declaration form that the WADA ( World Anti-Doping Agency)makes every athlete fill before a DOPE TEST. SUSHIL indicated that he used BODYFUELZ MUSCLEMAX, FASTCHARGE, FAT BURNER and PWRSPORTS.

He is in our book the cleanest but most powerful athlete that can be found in INDIA.

Please note all our products conform to WADA's specifications and are not banned substances. So go ahead. FUELZ up and see your Body perform.

Monday, September 1, 2008


SUSHIL KUMAR! BRONZE!!! My phone beeped when he thumped the mat at Beijing. WE won Bronze was the Message from Dipender Singh, his advisor in performance Nutrition.

I met Sushil 9 days before his tyrst with destiny. He was 72 kgs aiming to fight in the 65 kgs category. He was of the idea of starving himself and running like mad a day before the event. This is the condition of our infrastructure. In this case its not the facilities but the professional know how. SPORTS AUTHORITY of India needs a performance nutritionists to advise the coaches on the Nutrition cycles in the build up to competitions. Anyways, he blindly trusted me, because I just said to him " If you want to win the next nine days these two sheets of paper will prescribe your diet and liquids, and you will not touch anything outside this paper." he agreed and the rest is history.

Dipender( Sushil's Nutrition Advisor), has trained and learnt the nuances of performance nutrition from me over the last 3 years as we work together with athletes across the country. His diet prescribed was without doubt one of a winner. I know for a fact Sushil spent more than 1.5 lakhs on supplements alone.

His last 9 days of diet and supplements were given to him by me for a planned weight loss of 7 kgs and a mind blowing power increase of atleast 20%. I think we achieved it without a doubt.

I put him on MUSLCEMAX, FATBURNER and FASTCHARGE. You should see the smile on his face when I told him that the next five years of supplements from BODYFUELZ are on us.

IF NOT ANYTHING, I stand as per my first Blog, Give me an athlete who follows a performance nutrition regime and I can give you a winner.

SUSHIL! India salutes you for your effort and I thank you for the opportunity to prove that scientific performance nutrition is the only way to a medal.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr India 2008 - Some of our serious customers!

Mr Kumaranand, one of BODYFUELZ pioneering customers acknowledged the role of Aminonutrition in Bodybuilding. He won Mr India 2008 in the 60 kgs category. In fact all the winners this year, were on our products. The mayhem at our stall was evident when all the BODYBUILDERS fueled their performance hours before the event with not 2 or 3 sachet, but 10-15 sachets. Thats mind blowing for the muscles but as you can see as a scientist in front of these guys, well lets just say they give you a complex. My pictures paint a thousand words. Being the Head at BODYFUELZ, entitles you to certain VIP options, which include hiring these guys as security agents. Size built only on BODYFUELZ AMINONUTRITION. You just have to pop three sachets per workout for close to a 1000 days workout like crazy before you reach this stage. We will be back at Mr India 2009, and at that time I promise that BODYFUELZ will rock everyone's world with our New muscle building formula at that event. If you want a free weeks sample of MUSLCEMAX, the formula that these guys use then please mail me at with the subject : MUSLCEMAX ROCKS. Till then, dont forget to blast those mirrors.

Monday, January 28, 2008


I took these lines from India's Best Marathon Runner Sunitha Godara blog.

To start with, I would reflect on my running career for those who are not aware of my running. I have been Asian Marathon Champion in 1992. I have run more than 1,05,000 kilometers in my running career spanning to 27 years of active competitive running. I have completed 66 full marathons. Presently I am competing and everyday I run about 20 Km in training, totaling to about 130 to 150 Km per week which adds about 7000 Km per year at an average speed of 5 minutes per km. I have run races in 24 countries, all continents and raced in more than 200 road racing competitions round the world in all the continents. I first ran outside India in 1985 Boston Marathon in U.S.A. and became India’s National Marathon Champion in 1984.

She has been trying out aminonutrition on her run's with her team of elite runners. In her own words " I felt fresh at the end of the race".

This time I could only smile knowing that Perforamnce Nutrition does wonders to the body's engine - THE MUSCLES.

GOOD LUCK Sunitha in creating a nation of Runners!

DELHI RANJI VICTORY - BODYFUELZ fueled their performance

Tejvir and Badrinath, the trainer and the Physio of the Winning Ranji Team of Delhi were the unsung heroes. They were responsible in keeping the boys injury free throughout the whole season.

We at BODYFUELZ spent 2 whole days last season profiling each player including Ishant Sharma in their performance Diet and their Aminonutrition programe. They were aggresively put on BODYFUELZ products before,during and after the game. We also tested our two new products FASTCHARGE & PWRSPORTS with this Team with exceptional results.

Being Ryan Fernando, a Sports Nutrition Performance Specialist, I have found it very difficult to find people like Badrinath from the Medical profession and Tejvir a world class athelete turned Fitness trainer, to listen to the concept of Performance Nutrition. They Listened and they WON!

Another one of our successes in the SPORTS PERFORMANCE. CONGRATS DELHI TEAM.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Ever heard of VO2max. We at BODYFUELZ just launched our latest Ergogenic aid, PWRSPORTS

This product increases your performance by a good 10-15%. We documented a study on the shuttle runs of players. The results were awesome. If you want to try out this product as a free sample, write to my team at with subject message PWRSPORTS ROCKS!!!.

Should you wish to buy it, please log onto or Speak to Sweta on 044-42014141.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolution 2008 - Win at all costs

Guiding athletes from across the country has me bitten by the Workout Bug. I am now at 60 kgs. My target at the end of 2008 is 72 kgs my ideal bodyweight.

I am going to use by own body as a performance measurement tool in terms of Performance nutrition. BODYFUELZ is already a key component in my workout regime.

This year is going to Rock! At 32, I feel 23 and burning rubber in the gym.

Its Glutamine, Free form amino's , and a cocktail of dry fruits thats the new addition to bulk up.

Keep tuned. and oh! by the way I got to meet Neha Dhupia at Golds Gym in Mumbai. Now I know why filmstars have killer Abs....even the women ;}...Its because they workout like Crazy.

Which reminds me I have to get me a girlfriend with Killer Abs...

2008 .... Going to chew everyday and spit out the pips!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

ISSA>TALWALKARS> and BODYFUELZ performance training

I met Mr Madhukar Talwalkar. He's inspired me to get to the gym to Weight train.

I just finished a series of Performance Nutrition seminars to their trainers at Talwalkars.

ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association) conducted their first seminars for Certified Fitness Trainers in Chennai and Delhi. I focused on providing the training for Performance Nutrition to trainers signed up in India for the course. Its amazing to see the hunger of these young boys and girls to learn more about the human body and its performance.

We at BODYFUELZ are committed to an active educational and training regime to Trainers across the country. Call us or visit us at WWW.BODYFUELZ.COM to tie-up for a world class training in Nutrition and Supplements.

Check out the video.

If you want to train your staff on performance Nutrition get in touch with us at

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

India's Win at the ASIA CUP- HOCKEY

This time it was a three month activity with the Indian Hockey team and the results played out as per our strategy. Fitness Coach " Prasad Ganguly" and myself redesigned the fitness of the Indian hockey players with a rehydration formula especially designed by me. Along with Aminonutrition and our new strategy of time based fueling we were able to keep the boys in an almost Fatigue free state. Result India had not lost a single Match.

People talk about how ergogenic Aids like BCAA and Glutamine and 6% glucose solution dont work and they are only placebos. Tell a player that after 6 weeks of enhanced performance and he will tell you that no placebo can work that long.

I am now totally convinced on Free form amino acids and the need for Ergogenic Aids.

Check out me and my Team on the CHAK DE INDIA mode!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Seminar on Sports Performance Nutrition

The FITNESS One gang of trainers had me enjoying Training them on the salient aspects of Performance Nutrition in the Fitness Industry. We spent two days together and covered topics ranging from Weight Management via Nutrition to Ergogenic aids and their Relevance to Customers joining a Gym.

BODYFUELZ was the sponsor with Fitness one to provide these trainers a World Class Training in Performance Nutrition.

Nutrition not only can work in the sporting Arean but a careful and strategic application in the Fitness Industry can help increase customers awareness on Nutrition not to mention measurable success on the Fitness Goals front. As I say to all the trainers I meet " Its the Input that makes your Output - Eat smarter, Eat Smaller but Stronger, Train even Harder" and to all my fellow Nutritionists and Dieticians in a GYM ...if you ain't running you ain't practicing what you preach.

GOOD LUCK AT FITNESS ONE in creating a revolution!

Yours in Performance


4 Silvers- National aquatic Meet

Adarsh is back. All of 9 years and 37kgs. Six months ago he was at 31 kgs and slow. He broke all Tamil Nadu records at won the most medals on his team in his age category.

His secret is a Performance Nutrition Strategy which I have carefully constructed using Olympic standards. Results they say are what you are measured on!

I leave you to Watch this space to see how a Winning Edge can be provided using Nutrition Performance. Expect this boy to win the Gold next year.

Yours in Performance


Friday, June 22, 2007

Challenger Trophy and the Nutrition Test

Its been a while since I had time to pen down a few lines. Been travelling across the country and found that sports is indeed getting a keener focus in terms of coaches and Infrastructure.

I recently met the Hockey Coach in Bangalore, Joe Carvalho, and I found a Strong note in this gentleman. This guy is bringing back a medal from the Olympics for us. The boys on the Indian Hockey team are so good, its only time before they take off.

As you know I hate all pompous dietitians who say supplements are not required and if proof is in eating the pudding well, the Indian Hockey team has just been presented with a new system of Nutrition delivery during the game via a 6 % osmotic delivery system, where the sugar is delivered in a measured form to deliver maximum up to of glucose into the body without an insulin spike. We have bio-engineered a 5:1 sodium to potassium Electrolyte Ratio coupled with a few vitamins for performance.

I guess the test is on and the Challenger cup in Germany this week will let us know.

Keep reading as I am working with the Military Indian Triathlon Team for the World Military Games and if you think Nutrition in the form of Ergogenic Aids are not required then stay in your white lab coat and CCP ( Cut copy paste ) diets from your outdated text books for diabetic patients.

Will be back and oh! Adarsh just won three golds at the Tamil Nadu aquatic meet. He's nine years old and on a special Performance based Diet.

Got to run, my 8 pm appointment with the treadmill awaits.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sports Performance in Shooting

Rohit Singh or "Ronnie" to all his clients is professional friend in my field. Why Professional, well he is a friend in the most professional way. I met him two years ago in Delhi. He is a sports Trainer and in my opinion India's best sports Trainer and performance Nutritionist. I like him because he has no ego and goes about his Job as a professional. And thats the reason I work with Guys like him is because Athletes tend to have too hard an ego once they get good!!

He trains Major Rathore and I wont be surprised if they get the Gold back at the Beijing Olympics. But enough said about them. Let me tell you about one of my personal counsellings With Vikram Bhatnagar. Great Guy. Commonwealth Gold!!! Normal Guy. No performance Nutrition. He want me to change is Diet to suit his lifestyle......Well I tried to first understand this budding sport so here goes......

In most sports today, the gap between 1st, 2nd and 3rd places is often in the region of hundredths of a second or perhaps one or two tenths of a percentage point. So what makes one person a winner and another a runner up? Most athletes train very hard and if you were to measure the physical characteristics of, let’s say two top 100 meter sprinters, you would probably find that they were of approximately equal strength, flexibility, stamina, etc. And if they weren't, a good coach would identify the differences and then institute a training programme that would address the particular issues.

So what makes one a consistent winner and the other consistently in 2nd place? Sports Sciences are the key to answering this question and by applying the correct sports science, improvements in performance can be found in many areas.

In pistol shooting, the most critical area of performance is the athlete's (shooters) mental abilities. Imagine giving a world champion shooter an out of the box gun, they'd probably still score far higher than most of us could in our dreams. Imagine then giving a novice shooter the best gun on earth, and I'm sure you will see that the equipment is only a small part of the equation.

Mental skills and mental skills training are often looked upon with suspicion by athletes who think there must be something wrong with them if they need to use Sport Psychology to improve their performance, but this is only a broad term to describe things like goal setting, relaxation training, visualization, anxiety control, focusing, activation levels, etc. Are you one of those people who can perform superbly at your home club in practice matches, but loose the plot when you go to big competitions? Sport Psychology can help you by developing skills to control your anxiety, get you properly prepared for competition, help you develop routines for use in practice which will then follow on to competition, leading of course to an improved performance.

There are of course many other aspects of Sport Sciences, which can help you improve your performance, and if each aspect gives you a small increase in score, then overall you may make significant gains. This might be all the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

Biomechanics is the study of the movement of the human body and can be used to make sure that you are moving in the most appropriate manner to achieve the optimal performance possible, to minimize the risks of injury and to utilize muscle to its best possible advantage. ISSF shooters require a precise knowledge of the human skeleton and musculature in order to achieve a physical posture that can be maintained for several hours without undue stress, which of course leads to reduced performance. The key is knowing what to do and why.

Nutrition is a factor that plays a large part in shooting performance, and what and how you eat before and during a competition can have a large impact on your final score. For example, how well do you shoot half an hour after lunch, or what happens if you have a fatty Tandoori Chicken for lunch?

Along with food factors, there is also the hydration issue. When you feel thirsty, you are already up to 10% dehydrated, and one of the first parts of your body to loose fluid is your eyeballs. As you can probably guess, our eyesight is critical in shooting sports and anything that affects our vision is going to affect our performance. But, taking a drink of water has an effect on our physiology, usually with increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, etc and this can have a short term effect on performance, especially in a precision sport like shooting. So how to stay hydrated without the physiological response? Take very little sips often. Better to be slightly over hydrated than dehydrated. There are dozens of nutritional issues for shooters, and you can work many of them out for yourself, or you can speed the process up by consulting an expert. Of course you may have to pay for the expert, but when you offset that against the cost of years of experimentation, you may find it worthwhile in the long run.

Coaching science, Exercise physiology and Injury rehabilitation are all areas of sports sciences which you can utilize to improve your performance, assuming of course that you do want better scores. And if you're happy with your shooting ability, but want to increase your enjoyment of your sport, and then sport sciences can also help, as what happens in sport often closely mirrors what happens in life. For example if you learn to cope with competitive stress in sport, then that ability will help you cope with stress in life. Conversely, if you need to set goals in life, such as loosing weight, sport sciences can help, and those skills gained will be equally valid in sport. However you look at it, the use of sport sciences can help you, both in life and sport, and I hope this brief introduction will encourage some of you to look outside the square of what you are doing now and to use the knowledge that is available to improve the quality of whatever it is that you may want to change.

In all AMINONUTRITION is the latest in sporting science and I highly recommend every athlete, whether physical or mental domination is the name of his game to try out pure free form amino acids to boost their mental alertness during grueling events. One of the most important amino acids in mental focus during intensive exercise is the Branched Chain Amino Acids - BCAA. BCAA’s comprise of almost 35- 40 % of muscle mass and science today has found that delivery of these amino acids along with other ergogenic amino acids during any sporting activity are the key to delivering a performance of the highest Caliber.

Although I am not part of the shooting fraternity I did watch the Olympics closely and understood that the game demands a huge amount of Muscle strength and Co-ordination during prolonged competition rounds. I tried this at home. I took a heavy pipe and held it up for 30 secs then put it down. I then proceeded to do this about a hundred times over an Hour. By the end of Twenty minutes my shoulders and Forearm were shaking in an aftershock of Lactic acid build up.

Ah! The proverbial Lactic ACID phenomena. One may ask how this affects a game where mental focus is the only avenue of precision development.

Well sports science has an answer. When you use your muscles in any activity no matter what the sports the physical activity causes a drop of amino acids in the Blood. This increases the Tryptophan level (another Amino acids). One can say that Tryptophan is the Bad Guy and it enters the Brain to produce a hormone called Serotonin which in turns causes fatigue and tiredness. Warm milk is an excellent source of Tryptophan and causes one to sleep easier. Remember the Grandmother advising a glass of milk before Bed.

However Tryptophan increase in an athlete during training and competition can be reduced by increasing BCAA’s content in the blood. Free form amino acids are the best way as they enter the Bloodstream within 15- 20 minutes of consumption.

In today’s world the right quality and the right type of nutrition will help an athlete go from Bronze to Gold!!



The World Junior Squash Challenge

Six months ago I set out to change the performance Nutrition with a budding set of under 13's or so players in a strategic game called Squash. Under the guidance of Major Maniam and Cyrus at the National Squash Academy in Chennai, I sat with 15 or so terror Kids. Brats but determined brats.

I like to call Suash a strategic game because its one game that is so fast, that unless your a thinker you cant win.

Well, Taking 13 year old kids and asking them to refrain from burgers and pizza and coke was a huge challenge. Let alone asking them to think and play

Well what Did I do.....I taught them the superman Technique.....Kyrpnonite and his weakness went hand in hand. I taught them that Coke and performance nutrition if not timed right was their Weakness.

We also worked on increasing their amino acids intake during performance with a6 % solution. Coach Cyrus Poncha, A brilliant person at heart was all for getting these youngsters a shot in the arm. High protein, high complex carbs and not to mention a regime that included ten hours of sleep for recovery.

Some of these kids were going through 4500 calories per day. Vitamins and minerals are not supplemented and so we had to convince mothers that supplements are not medicines but concentrated foods that help such challenged children work harder at their game without being bother as to why they are getting tired......

Ever Heard of VITAMIN B deficiency....yeah yeah BERI BERI...all the dietitians go...... That's a load of B******t! To me its called MUMMY I am feeling tired I don't want to play!!!!

Will talk more later, but just for laughs Zaheer is back on the team.....the same guy that uses Aminonutrition for his comeback 3 years ago and is still using Aminonutrition during his training and game performances.

I am laughing all the way to the Bank..... My phone just received a missed call" says restricted Number " . Guess I know who's calling.


some stuff I use on athletes.....

Yours in performance Nutrition

Ryan Fernando


Friday, February 16, 2007

Engine blowout on the circuit

I was watching the National games at Assam last night on television. The national records are a comparison of the Maruti 800 to an Alfa Romeo of the same size.

I wonder, do our coaches realise that something is wrong. Well, even if they do then I think most of them are old farts clinging on to their Jobs.

Being in the field of Sports Nutrition for the last three years and seriously travelling the country meeting coaches and talking to them about performance Nutrition....well Boy!!! Do you meet a bunch of jokers.

Viren R the hockey player is a classic example of a the Coaches syndrome!!! The guy is good and I have seen him run and train....and the coaches say he is not good.

EGO and politics. Well if I had my way then I get all these old fuddy duddies a retirement home in Darjeeling where they can sip chai and ask the Tea worker to try their archaic model of training,

Anyways I write more out of frustration that these guys do not focus on Nutrition........ forget performance nutrition but basic Nutrition of 6 meals a day in an athletic programme.

I will be trying to post a molecule a week and how say stuff like glucose or HMB or Argenine gives you that killer performance.

Best of all Nutrition can improve your performance by at least 20% if your a new inductee into my world. If your a veteran...definite 2-5% change is visible.

Remember ....if you only follow the herd will be cattle food at the end of the day ...not the STUD!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Credentials in the Sport Nutrition Arena

Its been a while since I got pissed with the Indian system of bending over backwards to adulate the white skin when it visits our country. Everyday I see the "firangs' being worshipped in the arena of sports for their knoweldge of sports performance.

Well ranting and Raving dont help, but I am writing this blog on behalf of a company that I work for - BODYFUELZ.... Ha!!!

Well the stuff is good..... The supplements they have really are world class and not because I work for them but because I use the stuff myself.

We have Andrew Leipus ( the first Firang to endorse its fantastic side effect - Enhanced speed and stamina, Sachin Tendulkar and the whole bunch of Boys in blue.

I personally would like to say that a few commonwealth medal winners have been personally counselled by me but then...beating the drum is getting last century.

If you want to WIN for India and you want your SPORTS NUTRITION diet plan to help you get there.....

GET in touch with me. ********************

I dont charge and I dont waste my time on losers so you'd have to already be winning.

Oh ! On credentials..... Two Masters Degrees in Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology should have me telling you that I can put legal stuff in you that will make you want to smash those records....

Be safe