Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Next Sprint QUEEN of a billion People!!!

Everyday at BODYFUELZ we are helping athletes achieve the impossible. Become the silent dark horse. Win out of the blue. At BODYFUELZ we are carefully tuning an athletes body through Performance Nutrition, and in close co-ordination with Coaches we building the next generation of Champions.

Nirumpama, all of a towering 173 Cm is going to be the BOLT!!! Her long legs are gracing her with a GOD GIVEN opportunity to run faster than any other Female in the 100 and 200 mts track and field event.

RESULT: Last night She won Gold at the JUNIOR NATIONAL athletic meet with a 12.01 secs in the 100 mts and 25 secs at the 200mts.GOLD in Both. New Meet Record in 100 mts. We are together disappointed that she did not break the 12 sec barrier. Coach BEEDU is fine tuning her performance and in conjunction with BODYFUELZ we are dropping milliseconds week on week.

NIRUMPAMA has been on BODYFUELZ Performance Nutrition program for the last one year and is carefully monitored by me and my team.

YOU SAW her here first.

If your a parent, a hungry athlete, a weekend warrior or just a Home maker looking to get fit or win a championship, get in touch with us. We will guide you on your journey to GLORY!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sushil Kumar - GOLD AT the ASIAN Championship. A tribute to the guy


The Hindu : Sport / Other Sports : Sushil Kumar wins gold

The Hindu : Sport / Other Sports : Sushil Kumar wins gold

SUSHIL KUMAR bags another Championship. He invests about 25,000Rs every month on his performance Nutrition. My team of Nutrition experts along with me, hone his diets, his nutritional supplements and the ergogenic aids he uses all very scientifically and with a calculated strategy of DECIMATING the opposition. SUSHIL is so charge up in a fight he says that BODYFUELZ is his BLACK MAGIC> off course in haryani, the MUSCLEMAX SACHETS are black in color and he loves the KICK he gets when getting into a bout. He today is worth 2-3 crores in his market value. ENDORSEMENTS keep coming because he keeps winning. BUT THIS guy is one smart cookie. He knows without investing in the best Nutritional AIDs, he cannot be the worlds best. KEEP WATCHING BODYFUELZ to know when he becomes the WORLD No 1 Wrestler.