Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Credentials in the Sport Nutrition Arena

Its been a while since I got pissed with the Indian system of bending over backwards to adulate the white skin when it visits our country. Everyday I see the "firangs' being worshipped in the arena of sports for their knoweldge of sports performance.

Well ranting and Raving dont help, but I am writing this blog on behalf of a company that I work for - BODYFUELZ.... Ha!!!

Well the stuff is good..... The supplements they have really are world class and not because I work for them but because I use the stuff myself.

We have Andrew Leipus ( the first Firang to endorse its fantastic side effect - Enhanced speed and stamina, Sachin Tendulkar and the whole bunch of Boys in blue.

I personally would like to say that a few commonwealth medal winners have been personally counselled by me but then...beating the drum is getting last century.

If you want to WIN for India and you want your SPORTS NUTRITION diet plan to help you get there.....

GET in touch with me. ********************

I dont charge and I dont waste my time on losers so you'd have to already be winning.

Oh ! On credentials..... Two Masters Degrees in Biochemistry and Food Biotechnology should have me telling you that I can put legal stuff in you that will make you want to smash those records....

Be safe


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