Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mr India 2008 - Some of our serious customers!

Mr Kumaranand, one of BODYFUELZ pioneering customers acknowledged the role of Aminonutrition in Bodybuilding. He won Mr India 2008 in the 60 kgs category. In fact all the winners this year, were on our products. The mayhem at our stall was evident when all the BODYBUILDERS fueled their performance hours before the event with not 2 or 3 sachet, but 10-15 sachets. Thats mind blowing for the muscles but as you can see as a scientist in front of these guys, well lets just say they give you a complex. My pictures paint a thousand words. Being the Head at BODYFUELZ, entitles you to certain VIP options, which include hiring these guys as security agents. Size built only on BODYFUELZ AMINONUTRITION. You just have to pop three sachets per workout for close to a 1000 days workout like crazy before you reach this stage. We will be back at Mr India 2009, and at that time I promise that BODYFUELZ will rock everyone's world with our New muscle building formula at that event. If you want a free weeks sample of MUSLCEMAX, the formula that these guys use then please mail me at with the subject : MUSLCEMAX ROCKS. Till then, dont forget to blast those mirrors.

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