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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Why BODYFUELZ is the best SPORTS NUTRITION brand in India

Headlines that powered through last month.

Former international Amit Khanna won a bronze medal in the 100metres in the World Masters athletics championships that concluded in Lahti, Finland, recently. Khanna competed in the men’s 35-year category to take the third place in 11.01 seconds, behind Nnamdi Anusin of Finland (10.94s) and Mario Bonello of Malta (10.99s).

Amit Khanna all of 32 years and a veteran who now runs faster than a 19 year old at the Nationals. Amit came to us at BODYFUELZ a little over a year ago saying he wanted to make a comeback. The man is rocking and accelerating faster.... Dont stop now AMIT.

WE DID WHAT WE DO BEST! Advice on Sports PERFORMANCE Nutrition. I still getting idiotic coaches after five years asking me STUPID questions. WE MAKE YOU WIN PEOPLE. WE MAKE YOU WIN.

At BODYFUELZ we assess your body and then determine what suits you best in SUPPLEMENTS. We have the best products around and we also get you to buy stuff that's out there that we dont have.

Our only concern is that you win. SUSHIL KUMAR, VIJENDER SINGH, JITENDER, and now AMIT.

You want your game to go higher, just sign up for three months and see the difference.

If you want to be the FASTEST and STRONGEST INDIAN, give us a CALL.

And oh! Our products are designed Scientifically, STOP comparing us to any GULLY WALLA COMPANY that makes Chicken or packs glucose in a Garage.


Thats how hard we play...cause we dont care about the watchers....just the DOERS!!!

Another MEDAL in the bag for us.

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